Construction Number 092

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Manufactured: 1962
First Flight: 09.13.1962
Delivered: 12.19.1962
Factory Reg: N710A



National Aeronautics & Space Administration (12.19.1962 to 00.00.0000)



National Aeronautics & Space Administration (re-reg. 06.23.1969 to 02.21.1990)
United States Coast Guard (09.19.2001 to 00.00.0000)
 Executive Jet Support (00.00.0000 to 00.00.0000)
 19th Hole Corporation (00.00.0000 to 00.00.0000)
Tropical Air Trading Company (00.00.0000 to 08.18.2006)


03.20.1976 (KBOS) courtesy of Tom Hildreth Photography
Markings: NASA logo by door / NASA on tail / "3" on tail.


03.00.1981 (KDCA) courtesy of Thomas J. Kalina
Markings: NASA and "3" on tail


10.09.1981 (KTTS) courtesy of Paul ThallonMarkings:

 "NASA" on vertical tail / "3" on vertical tail


12.00.1983 (KDCA) courtesy of Bob Garrard
Markings:  "NASA" and "3" on tail


06.00.1997 (KDCA) courtesy of Red Ripper24
Markings: American Flag on tail and "3" on vertical stab.


07.00.2000 (KDCA) courtesy of Red Ripper24
Markings: American Flag and "3" on tail


07.13.2000 (KILG) courtesy of Jon Wickenden
Markings: American flag and "3" on tail


02.00.2003 (TJSJ) courtesy of William W. Sierra
Markings: Unites States Coast Guard on fuselage / American flag on tail / "02" on nose


05.22.2004 (TJBQ) courtesy of *Jose Mendez
Markings: United States Coast Guard on fuselage / American flag on tail / logo on cabin door and fuselage / "02" beneath DV window


12.00.2004 (KFLL) courtesy of Airliners.
Markings: American Flag on tail / United States Coast Guard on fuselage / logo on fuselage / "02" beneath DV window.


00.00.0000 Coast Guard saying farewell to 02 / image in Public Domain
Markings: "02" beneath DV window / United States Coast Guard on fuselage.


09.01.2006 (SBEG) courtesy of Stephan Kios Pugatch
Markings: "02" below DV window.


News report for N3NA, translated from Google Language
Taxeando trying to enter the hangar 101 left wing hit a wall, 2 unharmed. 
Path: Manaus to SVVA, FAA Reg Exp Set Time.

05.10.2009 (SVVA) Parked behind first one.


12.03.2009 (SVVA) courtesy of AirTeam Images
Notes: N7SL CN. 011 in front on N3NA


Caracas, Venezuela. 
March 9th, 2010 

The aircraft was in the custody of the GN Under investigation plane took off without authorization Aeroclub de Valencia Valencia, March 9 (EDIT) .- An aircraft type-G159 Grumman, acronyms N3NA, was allegedly stolen from the off, this Monday at 5pm, one of the ramps Arturo Michelena International Airport after spending three years in the maintenance area. Five days ago he had been transferred to the Aeroclub de Valencia for repairs. On Tuesday morning throughout the rumor of the alleged theft of the Grumman-G159 model aircraft, which apparently was held for three years to submit to drug-related investigations. Sources linked to the National Guard denied the theft, although they acknowledged that the ship was actually flying club Valencia properties subject to a criminal-type investigation. People linked to the airfield indicated that this aircraft and three others were being held at the airport waiting for their owners to introduce themselves and show ownership documents and other papers related to the activity for which is given to use this type of vesselPreliminary reports indicate that the prosecution had already released Aeronautics and would have been returned to its owners by the non-retained items to keep longer. The ship spent some time at the international airport of Valencia, but five days ago was moved to the airfield for maintenance work. For this reason, it was a surprise when the unit was turned on and off from this terminal without permission or flight plan. Those working in the airfield believe the plane was "stolen" to be used, possibly in illegal activities and therefore questioned the work of the National Guard, which has assigned spaces guard the airport. (MM)



Missing / Unknown

Last seen in SVVA, reported stolen

Information concerning the status of this 
aircraft, please email:

This aircraft is rumored to have been seen in Brazil flying as recently as 2013.  



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