G-159 Trivia
Page updated: 11.12.2016


The oldest active G1 currently is CN. 026
The newest G1 in the U.S. is CN. 199 
The original life span was expected to be 25 years.
The flap system was cycled the equivalent of 150,000 flight hours during testing.
G1's have been used by several Nascar race teams.
A G1 currently performs climate research.
Gulfstream wanted to build a jet powered G1 to be called the G-159A
The G-159 was the first non-military transport to have an overhead escape hatch.
Four outfitters were initially chosen by Grumman:
Atlantic Aviation
Southwest Airmotive
Pacific Airmotive
Timmins Aviation

During the G1's first flight, the electrical system shut down, the landing gear wouldn't retract, 
one engine failed inflight, 2nd engine failed during landing rollout.
The first customer was Sinclair Oil.
The last customer was IT&T.
A couple was married inside a G1.
4 G1's kept their original registration number for their entire lifespan; (N708G #008) 
(N746G #046) (N789G #089) (N715G CN. 118)
Initial gross takeoff weight was 33,600 pounds.
Current gross takeoff weight is 36000 pounds.
Elvis Presley bought a G1 to give to Colonel Tom Parker.
Grumman initially thought over 1000 units would be sold.
Grumman built the G1 to replace the DC-3.    
First airline to operate the G1 was Air South.
Celebrities / Groups that have used a G1:

Billy Graham
Jimmy Carter
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Bon Jovi 
Ann Murray
Def Leppard 
The Who
The Police
Lynn Anderson
Grace Slick
Stevie Nicks
REO Speedwagon 
Grateful Dead, 
Jimmy Buffet 
Wayne Newton   
The King of Greece
Ladybird Johnson
Jimmy Swaggart
The Red Cross
Arthur Godfrey
The United Nations
Joe Gibbs Racing
Larry Hedricks Racing
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
A G1 rests in the bottom of a quarry.
A G1 was used to transport the Faberge Jewels.

A G1 was used to transmit TV and radio to Cuba for 7 years.
Walt Disney used a G1 as his personal aircraft.
Grumman did not build a serial no. 013 nor 113.
A G1 airframe is currently used as a snack bar in the Philippines.
First stretched G-1 was CN. 116.
A G1 is used as a feature attraction at Walt Disney Studios in Florida.
A G1 was featured in the move "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with Steve Martin. 
A G1 was used as a prop in the movie “Congo”
A G1 was used in an episode of Miami Vice. 
G1’s were seen twice in the T.V. show “Vegas”
A G1 was in the movie “The computer wore tennis shoes”
A G1 was used in the movie “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t”
A G1 was used as the State aircraft for North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Kentucky and New York.
A G1 was damaged during the U.S. invasion of Panama.
Hurricane Gilbert destroyed a G1.
A G1 was heavily damaged by ground forces in Colombia after a drug run.
A G1 was destroyed by military forces in El Peten while loading drugs.
A G1 was featured in a Bon Jovi video.
A G1 was the first U.S. civil aircraft to be hand flown to CatIIIa standards. 
A stretch G1 was shown in the background of an episode of "24".